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The Vodavi Starplus STSe In-Skin 8 Port Voice Mail

The Vodavi Starplus In-Skin 8 Port Voice Mail

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 Starplus STS Voice Mail Systems

The Starplus STS is compatible with Vodavi's existing:

  • Mini Voice

  • Analog Voice Mail

  • Digital Dispatch

  • Hard disk version also available

Starplus STS in-skin voice mail

  • Installs directly onto KSU

  • Does not contract from port count

  • Compact high performance feature rich system

  • 8-port system with 3 hour memory

  • 64 voice mail boxes

One of two new voice mail systems developed for the Starplus STS is:

  • A new 8 port 3 hour flash based in-skin card (expandable to 9 hours) or...

  • A new 8 port 70 hour herd disk drive in-skin card.  This system will be introduced in: Q3 2003

Starplus STS in-skin VM key feature sets

  • Answer machine screen
  • Auto Attendant
  • Automatic routing
  • Date/time sync
  • Dial by name directory
  • Fax tone detection
  • Message wait lamp
  • Pager notification
  • Password protection
  • Date & time stamp
  • Remote system setup
  • Mail box access from any location
Message Storage – Save a message for future reference
Message Forwarding
– Direct messages to the proper people quickly and efficiently.
Call Forwarding
– Have incoming calls forwarded directly to your mailbox. Users can program this themselves without having to consult the system administrator.
Pager Notification
– Users can choose to be paged if there is a new message in the system (up to 18 digits).
Remote Access
– Check your voice mail messages from any touch-tone phone.
Live Call Screening Option
– (Answering Machine Emulation) Listen to messages as they are being recorded and pick up the phone if you want to speak with the caller.
Change Personal Greetings
– Recorded name, personal greeting, and temporary greeting are controlled by the user.
Date and Time Stamp
– Find out when a message was left.
Password Control
– Change the password at any time
OneTouch Record
– Record important conversations for future reference
Optional In-Skin Voice Mail – This STS solution makes voice mail a refreshingly affordable option for any small business. It plugs right into the phone system itself, eliminating the need for more expensive external equipment. This 8-port system has 64 mailboxes and 3 hours of message storage, expandable to 9 hours.

The optional STS in-skin Voice Mail System Enhances Productivity With Key Features Such As:
Dial-by-Name Auto-Attendant
– Allows callers to direct themselves to the appropriate person without the help of an operator. If callers know their extension they can dial it at any time and thus bypass the auto-attendant.
Menu Routing
– Route callers more efficiently (Example, for Sales, press 1, for service, press 2, etc.) Up to 5 menus available.
RAN Announcements
– Play messages to your callers while they are waiting to speak with someone.
Fax Tone Detect
– Automatically detects an incoming fax and forwards it to a designated fax machine. Voice Mail User Productivity Features Include:
Message Wait Light
– Light indicates new voice mail messages

Vodavi Minivoice

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MiniVoice is an entry-level, user-friendly voice mail system with basic features and message storage. This compact, 4-port voice mail solution has 32 mailboxes and up to 1.5 hours of message storage. That’s everything you need to get your business started using voice mail. Just like larger organizations, you now have access to the same essential communications tool that allows callers to get through to your business quickly, even during busy times and off-hours. Best of all, this product quickly integrates with Vodavi’s entire line of business communications systems as well as most other telephone systems.

Features to Fit Your Needs
MiniVoice offers a host of user-friendly features, such as time and date stamp, password protection, message wait light and message routing. In addition, DTMF Administrative Programming allows users to retrieve messages and change their voice mail parameters from any touch-tone phone. Another popular and convenient feature is that MiniVoice can be programmed with pager notification to alert users when they have a new voice mail message.

Automated Attendant
For those businesses needing auto attendant capability, MiniVoice’s auto attendant allows callers to bypass the menu of recorded extensions when they simply dial the extension they wish to reach. This expedites the call, giving callers the information they need as quickly as possible.
Ease of Use
MiniVoice uses single digit commands, so there are no complex commands to memorize. The system constantly prompts users for the next action to be taken.

Easy Expansion
To expand MiniVoice, simply add a memory expansion board. With the expansion board,MiniVoice is capable of providing your business with an extra 32 mailboxes and 3.0 hours of message storage. That’s a total of 64 mailboxes and 4.5 hours of message storage.

• Targeted for small business voice mail applications
• Entry-level, 4-port analog voice mail solution
• Offers most popular and frequently used features, without a large price tag
• Quickly integrates with Vodavi and most other telephone systems
• Easy to use and install Basic Features:
• Send messages in answering and voice mail mode
• Send copies of messages
• Send messages to multiple destinations
• Delete, reply, save or skip a message
• Receive message information indicating the date, time and sender information, if available
• Change recorded name, personal greeting and password
• Playback controls when sending or reviewing messages
• Record a temporary greeting  

Vodavi STARPLUS Dispatch Voicemail
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Easy Administration

Digital Dispatch uses a Windows-based programming interface system,which makes it easy to integrate with Vodavi Digital Key Telephone Systems. Setup screens guide you step by step, making installation and administration effortless. In fact, Digital Dispatch is so easy to install that most of the programming can be done from a telephone set, on or off site. With a few keystrokes, mailboxes, message waiting, transfer set ups and time-of-day greetings are automatically implemented, making system management easy and fast.


  • Specially engineered to seamlessly integrate with Vodavi Digital Telephone Systems
  • Advanced Automated Attendant for operator-free call answering and transfer
  • Menu Routing
  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Smart Transfer provides easier call processing,while maximizing port utilization
  • Automatic Fax Detection routes incoming faxes to the correct extension
  • Park & Page announces calls over the in-house paging system
  • Unlimited number of mailboxes
  • Up to 70 hours of voice storage
  • Flag messages with special delivery options
  • Easy field upgrades from 2 to 8 ports
  • Simple system set up and administration via PC or telephone
  • Windows-based administration

Analog Dispatch

Digital Dispatch is a self-contained,digital voice processing system that delivers large capability in a compact, economical package. The perfect choice for small to medium-size organizations, it can grow with a business and offer extensive flexibility starting as small as 2 ports and expanding up to 8 ports. As a digitally integrated system, Digital Dispatch integrates on digital ports,eliminating the need for single-line telephone boards and associated hardware; a large cost savings from the very start.

Smart Voice Mail
Digital Dispatch combines all of today's necessary features to offer a comprehensive system. Features,such as caller ID, time synchronization and smart transfers help handle incoming calls more efficiently. An unlimited number of voice mail boxes, time sensitive greetings, time controls and menu routing are tools that help effectively manage calls.

Automated Attendant
Digital Dispatch also offers several ways to manage communications efficiently... without a live operator. Automated attendant, menu routing, smart transfers and dial-by-name provide a convenient way for incoming calls to be distributed in a timely, effective manner.

Digital Dispatch can greet callers and offer as many options as needed to get a call to the right person. It can route calls by department, name and extension or name only. Digital Dispatch can request the caller's name before transferring,so the recipient may screen the call or inform the caller of their location in the station's queue. The possibilities are endless.

Dispatch Purchase Options

  • 2, 4, 6 or 8 ports
  • Quick Reference Cards and User Guides
  • Port upgrade kit


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